Please keep political comments away from greetings. We are a nonpolitical organization that gives support to our troops.

We have no business making statements with regards to how people should vote or telling folks to vote everyone in office out of office. These types of comments are not appropriate and are certainly not acceptable.

Thanks for your understanding.

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"Care Packages"

Under the direction of Pease Greeter, JoAnne Schottler, 45,000 pounds of sundry items have been collected and shipped to our troops overseas as Care Packages, a long standing tradition among military supporters that dates back to our nation's early wars.

Under Schottler's leadership, the Pease Greeter's initiative began in September, 2008 is now part of a program to bring our service men and women a little bit of home at their overseas assignments. Items have been generously donated by area residents and include a wide variety of goodies. More of this story here.

Cellphones for Soldiers

Cellphones for Soldiers is a national initiative to bring telephone calling cards to our troops overseas, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. This program, started by a brother and sister from Norwell, MA, is now part of a Pease Greeters initiative. The program came to Pease International Airport on December 11th, 2009.

The program seeks to collect old, unused cellphones and turn them in for cash. The cash is then used to purchase calling cards that are mailed to our troops overseas. In support of this program The Pease Greeters have made available a drop-off site to turn in cellphones regardless of their age or condition. Look for the collection point at the airport adjacent to the coffee table. The drop-off box is a permanent fixture at the airport. So far, over 2400 phones have been dropped off at the airport for this project. If you have an old cell phone, consider donating to this worthy cause.

Let Our Wounded Warriors Know We Care

Address a card to "Marine" or "Soldier" and send it to Marine Corps Liaison Division, National Naval Medical Division. Bethesda, MD, 20889 - 5600. The cards will be given to the service member as they arrive at the hospital. Won't you send your card today?

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