Frequently Asked Questions By Pease Greeters.

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The Board of Director's have developed the list of rules above that best address the mission of the Pease Greeters, namely to provide our troops with a warm, friendly, safe and happy visit to our airport.

These rules are propagated so that as many Pease Greeters may be made aware of the goal of the directors, that is, to make certain that by following these rules we will provide a safe and happy experience as we welcome our troops.

Whether you are a well experienced Greeter or one of our newest Greeter friends please take a moment to read these rules and become familiar with their meaning.  Also, as you meet new Greeters at the airport, please tell them of the existence of these rules so that they might become familiar with them.  The more closely we all work together on this purpose the better served our troops and Greeters will be..


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