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Last updated Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 2:00 pm
Call the Hotline (603) 766 0502 for updated information.

Current Schedule:

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Flight Cancelled for Sept 2nd
Flight Added for Sept 12-

Day Date E.T.A. Notes YTD Total
Wednesday 2-Sept-2015  Cancelled
Wednesday 9-Sept-2015 2:15 PM   76 872
Thursday 10-Sept-2015 9:50 AM   77 873
Friday 11-Sept-2015 3:30 PM   78 874
Saturday 12-Sept-2015 6:40 PM  (A) 79 875
Sunday 13-Sept-2015 7:50 AM   80 876
Friday 18-Sept-2015 3:30 PM   81 877
Sunday 20-Sept-2015 7:50 AM   82 878
Sunday 20-Sept-2015 5:10 PM   83 879
Thursday 24-Sept-2015 11:50 AM   84 880
Friday 25-Sept-2015 3:30 PM   85 881
Saturday 26-Sept-2015 7:30 PM  (C) 86 882
Sunday 27-Sept-2015 7:50 AM   87 883
Sunday 27-Sept-2015 Noon 8th Annual Picnic
Monday 28-Sept-2015 6:00 PM  (C) 88 884


September 27, 2015
Stratham Hill Park, Rt 33, Stratham, New Hampshire
Noon to 3:30 PM
**A Flight Is Scheduled For 7:50 AM The Morning Of The Picnic,
Please Join Us After The Flight
Rain or Shine, Pavilion is covered.

Once again, we need your help to make this a great event as our other 7 Picnics !!!
We can use some helping getting gift certificates for the raffle,
from other towns, that are not close to the Seacoast.
Call with any questions.

PLEASE CONTACT: Judy Scott 603-778-0997
or email judyscott4040@msn.com
let Judy know what you are donating.

OTHER QUESTIONS: JoAnne Schottler 603-772-8620
or email jscatlady@aol.com

Leave a message with YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL !!

Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE !!!!!

Pease Greeters Board of Directors

(P) = Long Term Parking rule is in effect for these flights
(P?) = Possible parking conflict if there is a flight delay
(A) = Additions
(C) = Changes

The Pease Greeter's Overflow parking lot is closed until further notice.
When there is commercial airline activity at the terminal, Greeters MUST park in the Long Term Parking Lot and not the Short Term Lot. For those with physical limitations, Please park in the Airport Management parking next to the terminal and when that fills those with physical limitations are welcome to use the short term lot. When there is no commercial activity, all Greeters may park in Short Term Parking Lot.
In order to maintain harmony with all concerned, these rules MUST be followed

Airport Management has requested that no items be dropped off or left inside the terminal bldg..
Examples: No Flags, Care Package Donations, or Knitted Hats.


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