Greeter Letters Of Appreciation
From The Troops And Their Families

Every flight counts. Read the letters from soldiers and families who have been touched by the Greeters.

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March 13, 2010


Thank you so much for forwarding the pictures to me.  It was certainly a day that I will never forget.  The entire flight lasted just over eleven hours and I know that I heard folks talking about the Pease Greeters well after we got off.  My family knows about it, friends from back home, the guys I'm serving with here at Ali.  I'm still amazed by the whole thing.  The cell phones, calling cards, knitted caps, cookies, playing cards, Rubix Cubes, magazines, books, pizza, coffee, and ice cream.  The ceremony!  I couldn't believe it.  And to know that you all have done this for several HUNDRED flights in the past!  I know that a TON of work, time, and energy goes into greeting each flight.  Knowing that there are people out there who, not only support the troops of the United States Military, but SHOW their support with such unselfish acts gives me motivation and a new sense of purpose.  Being greeted by the Pease Greeters touched my life.  When we are all the way around the world we know that there are people standing behind us that genuinely care.  Thanks again for doing what you do.
Very respectfully,
 A1C Alexander Blair
407th EOD Flight
Ali Air Base, Iraq 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thanks so much for this great story. Things like this and like your greeting the flights at Pease remind us that there's so much good going on "under the radar." When son Daniel left for Iraq back in January, we unexpectedly received an e-mail photo of him being greeted and thanked at a stopover enroute (I think it was at Pease AFB). Whoever had the idea of forwarding photos home for the soldiers should be thanked--receiving an "en route" photo was a big blessing to us, and being greeted so warmly and thanked for his service was a big blessing to Daniel as well. That period of time until he is actually on the ground and has commo with home re-established is a particularly anxious one, so it was great to know that even folks he didn't know were encouraging him.
Bob & Sue

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have the good fortune of being a member of the Royal Air Force squadron that you so kindly greeted in Portsmouth yesterday. I have to admit that I had no idea that such a reception awaited us, or that indeed we deserved such celebration, but was greatly touched by the effort and thought that went in to our brief visit.

I just wanted to write to say thank you to all those who helped put together such an event, and it is heartening to know that, when we do deploy to Afghanistan, there are people like yourselves whose freedom is worth protecting by whatever means necessary.  I look forward to my next visit!

Kind Regards,


Flying Officer Owen Cheverton
14 Sqn, Royal Air Force
RAF Lossiemouth
Great Britain

March 10, 2010

My son, Spec 1 Jason Wilkes of 133MP Company in Timmonsville, S. C. went through Pease in Sept.09.  He was touched and will never forget the love and patriotism shown to him and his fellow soldiers.  They were returning from Croatia.  As a mom I am so happy to know there are such wonderful people like you there to care and give support to our troops.  Not everyone understands.  God bless you and your efforts,.!!

Audrey Mayers
Florence, SC

March 10, 2010
Pease Greeters,

Greetings from Ali Air Base, Iraq!  My name is Airman First Class Alex Blair and I was fortunate enough to stop in Portsmouth, NH on 26 January, 2010 before departing for Iraq.  Just a few hours before we arrived in NH I had said good bye to my friends and family back home and I was a bit nervous; this is my first deployment.  When we stopped in Portsmouth I had assumed that it was to fuel up the plane.  Boy was I shocked!  I cannot describe to you how uplifting it was to walk through the terminal lined with hundreds of people saying "Thank you."  Right now there is a star sewn on the inside pocket of my blouse, right on top of my heart; I wear it every day and remember the men, women, and children of the Pease Greeters that waved my flight off.  We fight for you.  Thank you so much for doing what you do.  You have made such a difference in the lives of so many troops leaving and returning from abroad.  Hopefully I am lucky enough to return to Portsmouth and once again thank each one of you for taking the time out of your day to bring books, knitted caps, snacks, goodies, warm smiles, love, and support.  Take care and God bless.

Very respectfully,

A1C Alexander Blair
407th EOD Flight
Ali Air Base, Iraq



Wed, Feb 24, 2010 7:14 pm

Dear Greeters,,
I deployed last year and was fortunate enough to have been touched by your wonderful greeters. I just recently came across your website and would like to request copies of the pictures of our unit if possible. I believe the date I departed the US was January 11, 2009.
I must say that the people of New Hampshire are wonderful. This was my first deployment and to tell the truth I was scared to be going to Afghanistan. After the wonderful reception at Pease I never felt more proud to be serving our country. Thank you for touching our lives!
SrA Theresa Pierce
Lake Dallas, TX 75065


Good afternoon.


I was fortunate enough to be a member of the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade (Army), which redeployed through Pease on 2 September, 2009. I still cannot adequately express my gratitude to everyone who saw us come through those doors. It was overwhelming when the doors opened and the greeters were there to welcome us.

I have a request, if you don’t mind. I was presented with a star from an American flag that can no longer be flown. Would it be possible for your organization to send me another one. I will gladly pay for any postage. With tomorrow being Veteran’s Day, I gave mine to a World War II veteran who is taking a bus trip from Raleigh, NC to Washington, DC. I feel that this star will be held in safe keeping with him as he is who I would call a true American Hero. My duties in Iraq pale in comparison to what this generation saw.

If possible, please send the star, complete with the poem to:SFC Ken Colvin

Dear Greeters, 

Thank you very much for your hospitality. Your organization really boost our morale. I've never seen such thing until we passed by your area. The Marine and Sailors from 7th Marines really appreciate what you did yesterday.
Thank you very much.


Very respectfully,
Chief Jerry Juan
7th Marine regiment Independent Duty Corpsman


My unit returned home to your wonderful reception on Sep 24th, 261st Tactical Theater Signal Brigade.  We will forever be grateful for the warm reception and a real demonstration of what America is all about. I hope to make a trip to your area in the near future and look forward to visiting you all and seeing our unit picture on the wall.


thanks again
CW5 John Turner


Thanks so much for supporting the military. It's means a lot to me and my Soldiers when I receive a package in the mail and I'm able to provide them with the items you sent. Your package can in the nick of time, because we just can back from a mission and some Soldiers didn't have any mail. Well, when I saw my package from you. I know it was going to make my Soldiers day. Even if it was just for the moment. So, thanks once again and keep up the good work,

SSG Lockwood

July 22, 2009
First and Foremost a BIG thanks to all the Pease Greeters! About 3 weeks ago I arrived at Bagram AB, Afghanistan for the second time in a year and a half and on both occasions I have had the HONOR to pass
through your community and meet the Pease Greeters. I cannot express enough how much we (the military members)
appreciate what you do for us. Everyone was so friendly and so generous! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and see us coming from or going to our deployed location. As we departed, our "troop commander" was given a book about the Pease Greeters and let us look at it on the plane. I have to say that is an awesome publication! As we departed the US, I read that book and I couldn't stop crying- the stories were so touching. I am wondering if there is a way that I can buy a copy of that for myself. If so, could you email me back letting me know how much and where to send the money? I really appreciate you all and I hope that we will have the HONOR of coming back through there and see you all again! Thank you so much for your time!


V/R,Geri L. Finn, TSgt, USAF
Emergency Department
Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
Task Force Med
APO, AE 09354
DSN: 318-431-3207

I want to thank you from all the Marines and Sailors from Combat Logistics Battalion - 1 for your incredible greeting and ceremony you put on for us the other night during our journey to Afghanistan. We are still on our way - we are in Kyrgyzstan now but will leave shortly for Afghanistan..
Your kindness and warmth will always be remembered. Our families were also very blessed to hear of the kind welcome in beautiful New Hampshire.

Chaplain Brown

Hello there,
my name is SGT Conrad Hunter Jr. I must say that was the biggest welcome home I have ever had in my 3 deployments. I am so greatly appreciated for that. MY FLIGHT DATE WAS : 10/2/09
Once again thank you for everything. Have a wonderful and blessed remaining year.
Your friend,
SGT Conrad Hunter Jr.


I would just like to say thank you to you and your family and friends....The packages were always a welcomed sight and warm gesture. I assure you that I made sure the soldiers, sailors and airmen that did not have the opportunity from home, received this morale boost from all of you. The faces would light up and spirits would rise. Our year deployment is almost done, and we did our best. unfortunately not all of us are coming home together. I wanted to extend the sincere appreciation from all of us here at Camp Eggers- Afghanistan- Log ETT for your unwavering support and generosity. I hope this finds you and all your loved ones in good health and deserved happiness. Please extend this thank you to all who are doing this, its Americans like you and fellow pease greeters that allow us peace of mind, warm thoughts of home, spend that extra 5 minutes doing the right thing and fight that much harder. I thank you from my heart and hopefully get to thank you all personally if ever given the chance. God bless.
Jason Walter

I was fortunate enough to be welcomed home from Iraq by the great people of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In less than an hour I felt as though I had been a part of the Portsmouth community my entire life. Thank you all for the great things that you do for the returning Troops. Your effort and sacrifice is truly appreciated. Respectfully request a copy of the photo CD for flight date 9/14/09.

Brett Karkheck Thanks again.
Very Respectfully, WO1
Brett KarkheckHHC 56 SBCT Philadelphia, PA

Letters to the Editor Seacoast online
May 27, 2009
Oklahoma Military Wife Thanks Pease Greeters.

To the Editor: As the wife of an active duty Air Force member, I wanted to thank your community, and more specifically the Pease Greeters, for the warm welcome they provided my husband in the early hours of Saturday, May 2. His team left Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City on Friday, May 1, for a four-month deployed tour.

After dropping my husband off at base that Friday evening just more than three weeks ago, I went home to wait, hoping he could call while en route. Thankfully, he called at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning, letting me know he was safely at Pease/Portsmouth International Airport.

What he said next brought joy to my heart. He told me the Pease Greeters had surprised them when they landed, welcoming his team warmly to New Hampshire with more than 100 individuals. All these people who took precious time out of their schedules to prepare snacks and drinks for them, woke up extra early to ensure they were there when his plane arrived and spent time thanking them for their service to our country.

It gave me great peace to close my eyes again that night three weeks ago and sleep knowing that my husband was in good hands in New Hampshire. From their next stop in Ireland, my husband e-mailed, "The people in NH. were absolutely amazing. Never have I seen anything like that in my 25 years." What a motivating feeling to take with him as he departed American soil, knowing how grateful your community is of his team's service.

I wanted to say thank you to your community for the time, effort, caring and heart they put into greeting the planes full of military members as they depart for and arrive back home from their deployed locations. Thank you for helping the military members feel the duty they carry out is appreciated.

Pease Greeters, thank you from the bottom of my heart, God bless; and on this Memorial Day weekend, let us not forget those who have gone before and paid the ultimate sacrifice!

Wendy Doncaster Oklahoma City5/5/09

Dear Pease Greeters:

I hope this letter finds you all doing well. As you know, I am currently on 6 month deployment to Joint Base Balad, Iraq. The Hospital I'm station at is the Largest TRAUMA center in Iraq. Therefore, most of the injured service member in Iraq come through our hospital for treatment and/or evacuation. I work in the Intermediate Care Ward of the hospital, where we have "20 American" beds and "20 Iraqi" beds for Iraqi Police, Iraqi Army and host national patients. The American patients are stabilized at our facility and moved forward to our main hospital in Germany. I am blessed to be in a position to show kindness, compassion, and empathy to our wounded soldiers.

Our Troops are doing an amazing job over here. I am amazed at the level of courage and strength our troops display each and every day. The attitude and morale of our troops is very good. Although I miss my family and friends at home very much, I feel as though I am part of something much bigger and much more important than I realized.

I am sending the PEASE GREETERS a very special USA Flag, which has been flown at the 332nd EXPEDITIONARY MEDICAL GROUP HOSPITAL, FOR ONE DAY IN HONOR OF THE PEASE GREETERS. I have also sent a special Citation.

This particular flag honors our wounded and fallen soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It is with great honor and pride that I present the "Gift". Please continue to keep all of our soldiers in your thoughts and prayers.

Kari M. Stone, Major. USAF, NC


I have arrived! We had a long trip over--Matt dropped me off at about 0545 Thursday and I got to my room here at about 1600 local time. Long day and I am on my last fumes, but glad that part of the journey is over. We are all doing well. We had a tremendous experience that I would love to share with you--our first stop after Robins was Pease in NH. We were told the "Pease Greeters" were going to give us a reception when we landed and to expect a receiving line. Most of us were fighting back the tears--at least 100 people were lined along both sides of the breezeway to thank us for our service. They were young and old--many VFW and their families. Even a woman who had served in WWII in the Navy and was wearing her service dress uniform. A 99 year old woman was there and had knitted 9 helmet liners for us. They had refreshments, phones for free phone calls, gifts, candy, phone cards...we were all stunned. They got us together for a group photo, brought everyone to attention in their group and saluted us. I spoke with one man who said he remembered what happened in Vietnam when the vets were spit on in the airports and streets and he said they vowed that would never happen again and so they started this group. We saluted them back and then we sang the national anthem. They also gave a sweatshirt to the Army and AF troop commanders--the men who gave the sweatshirts had the sweatshirts resting on their backs--they were signed by everyone in the group--the sweatshirts were absolutely covered in signatures--they leaned over to the Maj. and Lt Col and said "we want you to know we would give you the shirts off our backs." I just can't begin to describe this event! Just amazing. We were the 32nd rotator to pass through this year and they have met every single one. They have been to see the President and receive his thanks... these people are amazing. I almost felt guilty that I am deploying for such a short time, and in relative safety compared to my brothers on the ground. What a special experience--one that none of us will ever forget. If you ever pass through Pease, look for the 7 EACCS JSTARS patch with the aces playing cards, it's mine and will be under the group photo of us in their memorial hallway. Love to you all!

Michelle Cairns

Community Support For Pease Greeters

The Pease Greeters Care Package Program for our Deployed Troops, would like to thank the Community of New Hampshire for its DAILY support of this Program. We ship packages weekly to the troops and since Sept 2008 we have shipped over 226 cartons and 2,919 pounds of Treats, Hygiene items and fun stuff for the troops and we will continue to do this as long as needed.

A very special Thank You to the many, many Citizens of the community who daily drop off donations and inquire about this program. Thanks to all those who Knit and Crochet hats for our men and woman, over 1200 to date. Also, to the following companies who support us in this endeavor and to those who have allowed community members to drop off items at their business, Seacoast Media Group, Wal-Mart, Rte 1, Timberland Corp, Loco’s Running, Keurig, Service Credit Union, Whaleback Systems, NH Motor Speedway, Geno’s Chowder and Sandwich Shop, WERZ/WHEB, Breakfast Hill Golf Course, Greenland Library, Martinelli’s, Concord Police Dept, NH Asst. Attorney Generals Office, Beefside Restaurant, Penny Press, Pease Tenants Association, Belnap Dental Associates, Tom’s of Maine, Dr. Paul Harvey, Kathleen Gregoire Salon, Coastal Dental, Dr. George, Dr. Osario, G. Willikers, the countless schools, churches in the area, Cub Scouts, Brownies, who have collected items and who make cards to put in the Care Packages, which the Troops LOVE !!!!

There are so many that support us and I apologize if I have missed any of you.

To my team, who are ready, willing and able to pack and pick up donations all over the State, I thank you also for your time and support.

JoAnne Schottler
Care Package Coordinator
63 Winnicutt Road
Stratham, NH

I hope that this email reaches all of you in good health and spirits. I have emailed several individuals from the PEASE greeters and attempted to convey our deepest sense of gratitude for the amazing support your organization has given us from before we even left the United States (Portsmouth, NH), up until the present day.

We are overwhelmed with the amount of Patriotism displayed by stateside organizations for our Soldiers deployed forward. Sometimes the media sends the wrong message to Soldiers with what they publish and broadcast because they tend to highlight those Americans with dissent toward the government, Soldiers, and our current conflicts in the Middle East.

The truth of it is that Soldiers find their strength from family, friends, and groups like your own, who strive to encourage and raise the morale of those who have been deployed. From the simplest cards to the care packages, it is the gesture in and of itself that reaches the hearts of all of us. I will not, and cannot, compare my experiences with those who have had harder times in more chaotic places and conflicts, but I will speak for them when I say that each flag waving American is a breath of fresh air. I thank you for the kind words in your cards, because they remind me of friends. I thank you for your support, because it reminds me of family. And I thank you for your continued energy and strength, because it reminds me of my better half at home. So I thank you for all you have done.

Dave Walton

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