Greeter Letters Of Appreciation
From The Troops And Their Families

Every flight counts. Read the letters from soldiers and families who have been touched by the Greeters.

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Hello, My name is Spc Steven Giorgi and I came through your airport around march 10th. Thank you very much for what every single one of you did that night. It brought a smile to my face the other day, just thinking about how we were about to take off and there was a group of you standing out in the freezing cold with the flag on the fence waving goodbye. That is what America is all about standing behind our troops no matter what the situation or conditions are. So for that THANK YOU for serving us troops so very well.

THANK YOU for the Valentine care packages I received today. They surely made my day along with others in my shop. I'm overwhelmed to the contents and greatly appreciate what you've done and will share them throughout. Your friend, Fermin Oh by the way, the cards from the kids are my favorites. :-)

From JoAnne, on behalf of the Lady Greeters Care Package group.

As I am in the Troops Care Package Warehouse (formerly my HOUSE), I am overwhelmed with the donations received the past 3 days from all of you. Words cannot express the impact you all going to have on the Troops daily lives. We cannot thank you enough. Again, THANKS, it is a small word but means so much!

I've got to write to let you know what I rec'd in the mail yesterday. It was a letter address to GMC James Kechter & Mrs. Sandra Kechter. I didn't recognize the return address but did notice it was from NH....I opened it & it was a letter wrote by a lady that got my "story" from a Hannaford Supermarket. Her name is Ellen Gibbs-Lejeune. This letter is the sweetest thing I think I have ever seen. She said she donated what she could afford of $25 to your display & that she thinks anyone who goes in harms way deserves all the prayers & good wishes. (which they do) more then we ever know! I couldn't believe that someone would not only donate to the troops but actually take the time to write the spouse. This letter means more to me then I think I will ever be able to show her & how much I really do appreciate it. I'm going to write her back this week. I actually had Jim call me so he could hear me read it. This wasn't something I wanted to just email him. God is so good. & all of you up there are true heroes in my eyes too. You take the time to support not only the troops but the families left here at home. Again thanks seem so little but I hope you truly know how special you have become to me & all of the peasegreeters. May God continue to Bless each & every one of you.
He loves you & so do I!

I recently passed through the Pease terminal on 6th of January. I wanted to thank you two and all of the greeters at the terminal that night, and even the ones that could not make that night. We were all blown away by your reception and hospitality to us for that short time. I know yall do not always get feedback from the deplorers, but I do want you all to know you are really appreciated. The plane was buzzing over your program. This being my 5th trip over and having met greeters at other locations, I can honestly say you guys are second to no one!

TSgt. John P. Baxley, USAF

 My name is LT Viayra and I am the Medical Officer for 3rd BN 4th Marines. We came through New Hampshire and had the warmest greeting I have ever had in my short 13 years of service. I wanted you to know the warm welcome we received from you will be with me always. Thank you and please never underestimate the impact you have on our service members coming through your city. Thank you for everything.


Each and every one of you who touched our hearts in such a special way upon our return home to the USA need to know how appreciative I feel. I will never for the rest of my life forget such beautiful people you are. What class!!! You are our countries finest citizens!!!!! I love you with all my heart.

SSgt Eric J. Schneider

Thank you so much for the 2 boxes of goods I just received!!! I will share them with the other ETT members. Thank you so much for thinking of the US Service Members in deployed locations! It always makes us feel good inside when we know that other citizens of our great and beloved country think of us overseas. Please tell the other Pease Greeters thank you.

SGT (P) Nick Elder

I just wanted to write all of you back in New Hampshire and say thanks. I cant tell u how much it means to me and everyone else here to get something from the states, it is always nice to know that people back home are thinking about us and care. I know for myself I cant wait to come back home to New Hampshire. Me and my team will finish our mission in July and I should be back in August. It means the world that so many others that take the time out of their lives to do the little things that make it worth it for us.

MA2 Gagnier, Richard, USN

To say, "Thank You" does not even come close to expressing our appreciation for the absolutely first class "Welcome Home" you gave the troops. The text below is from an email I sent out with a few of my photos to friends and relatives.

Warmest regards,
Russell & Linda Kendall, USAF (Ret)

Well, I've got to start at the beginning. I had been trying all week to find out exactly which port of entry Ryan was going to land at on his journey from Iraq. Ryan called from Romania to say that he was going to enter at the old Pease AFB in Portsmouth, NH!

We got to Pease about 1 hr before Ryan + 180 other soldiers from the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment came into the airport and 'ran the gauntlet' of the "Pease Greeters", a group of WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War Vets, their spouses, friends, high school students, little children, and others - - over 200 greeters in all. The music played, there were hugs, hand shakes, smiles, "Welcome Home, Soldier!", "Thank You!" coming from all sides as the tired, bewildered, surprised, ecstatic, and very appreciative soldiers made their way to the free coffee, donuts, as well as a mountain of new stuffed toys (take one for every one of your kids!) and flower bouquets to take to Ft Hood for their families and pocket Bibles.

Linda saw Ryan first and wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. One woman Greeter told us that it wasn't often that they had a "Kodak Moment" like that, where the parents or wife were actually there to meet the plane.

After everyone was off the plane and had some refreshments, the soldiers formed up for a 'mandatory' group photo. The Pease Greeters have photos of every plane load of G.I.s that came through the gauntlet, starting from the very beginning of their program. As we were led by a high school girl from Phillips Exeter Academy, we all sang The National Anthem. The Pease Greeters gave Ryan a 'Greeters' shirt that was signed by all of the Greeters, that I am sure will end up on in a place of honor at the Regiment. After that, all of the old vets stood at attention and on command, saluted the new generation of warriors. Ryan then brought the soldiers to attention and gave all the folks the 3d CAV Cheer, before boarding their plane and heading off to Ft Hood. It was a very emotional day, one that no one who was there will forget, especially me, Linda, and Ryan.

Remembering my return from my last tour in S.E. Asia, I cannot thank these folks enough for what they did on Sunday. It was a totally selfless act that is repeated by the Pease Greeters many times during the year.


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