Frequently Asked Questions About Pease Greeters.

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The Board of Director’s have developed the list of rules above that best address the mission of the Pease Greeters, namely to provide our troops with a warm, friendly, safe and happy visit to our airport.

These rules are propagated so that as many Pease Greeters may be made aware of the goal of the directors, that is, to make certain that by following these rules we will provide a safe and happy experience as we welcome our troops.

Whether you are a well experienced Greeter or one of our newest Greeter friends please take a moment to read these rules and become familiar with their meaning. Also, as you meet new Greeters at the airport, please tell them of the existence of these rules so that they might become familiar with them. The more closely we all work together on this purpose the better served our troops and Greeters will be..

Pease Greeters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I become a Pease Greeter?

A.  It is an honor and privilege to be a Pease Greeter We welcome and care for our Troops, Department of Defense employees and the Civilian Contractors and occasionally working Military Dogs as they return or deploy through Portsmouth International Airport at Pease  located in Portsmouth, NH.  Pease Greeters also pack and send Care Packages overseas.

Q.  What am I allowed / not allowed to bring when I come to the airport to greet the troops?

A. Greeters may bring:

Family & Friends

Homemade signs supporting our Troops

Greeters may not bring:

Home baked food to share with the Troops.


Q.  Can I bring my pet to greet the Troops at the airport?

A.  Domestic pets may not be brought inside the airport terminal.  Two exceptions to this include registered Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs in training from recognized registry organizations. Registered Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs in training associated with the Pease Greeters will be allowed in public areas of the airport terminal to support flights. A Pease Greeter registered therapy dog team and service dogs in training will be asked to file a copy of the current registration from a registered organization with the Airport Operations Office.

Retractable Leashes should not be used while at the airport to minimize tripping accidents.

Q.  Where can I hang my coat or leave my belongings when at a Troop Flight?

A.  Greeters must keep all of their belongings with them at all times at the airport.  Outerwear, purses, signs, shopping bags, beverages, etc. must always be in the custody of each greeter.

Q.  Where do I park when coming to the airport?

A.  A.  Greeter parking changes from flight to flight. If there is a parking restriction in place, you will see that indicated on the Constant Contact Flight Notice that you will receive via email.

When there is a Parking Restriction due to commercial airline activity at the terminal, Greeters MUST park in the lot located on the left as you arrive from Exeter Rd.  For those with physical limitations, please park in the Airport Management parking next to the terminal and when that fills those with physical limitations are welcome to use the short term lot. Please observe signage.

When there is no commercial activity, all Greeters may park in Parking Lot C.

Q.  How can I donate to the Pease Greeters?

A.  The Pease Greeters organization has been a registered Non Profit – 501(c) in New Hampshire since 2007. All donations are tax deductible.

There are several ways you can donate.

  • Secure donations may be made by Credit Card by going to the DONATE button which is located on the bottom of every page on the website.
  • Checks may be mailed to:

Pease Greeters
PO Box 1644
Portsmouth, NH 03802-1644

  • If your organization would like to present a donation to the Pease Greeters at one of the Troop Flights, please contact the Chairman at pgchair@yahoo.com

Q.  Where do I leave some items to donate to the Care Package Program, Star Program or Cell Phones for Soldiers, etc.?

A.  Airport Management has requested that no items be dropped off or left inside the terminal building.   (Flags, Care Package Donations, Knitted Hats, Bottled water, etc.) 

Donations of these items must either be dropped off during a Troop flight or brought to one of the 9 donation sights.  Find all donation sites listed here below.

Donations for use at Troop Flights or for Care Packages may be dropped off at these locations:

Pease Greeter Donation Sites

Pease Greeters Fund Inc.
PO Box 22311
Portsmouth, NH 03802-2311

Service Credit Union
14 Manchester Square #190
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Concord Fire Department
15 Broadway
Concord, NH 03301

Hampton Police Department
100 Brown Avenue
Hampton, NH 03842

Seacoast Media Group (SMG)
111 New Hampshire Avenue
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Greenland Police Department
579 Portsmouth Avenue
Greenland, NH 03840

3 Sisters Consignment
845 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03842

Grill 28
200 Grafton Road
Portsmouth, NH 03810

Kenyon Team Realty
44Q Dover Point Road
Dover, NH 03820

To arrange a pickup or for further Information contact Richard at mysterdee@aol.com

Q.  What items can be donated for Care Packages?

A.  A list of items that are needed can be found on our flyer by clicking the Care Package button below.

Care Package

For further information about the Care Package Program, please contact the Program Coordinators at peasegreeterscarepackages@gmail.com

Q.  I represent a large group.  Would we be welcome?

A. Yes, large groups are always welcome.  We have had teachers bring their classes.   Scouting, religious, social, military, fraternal and maternal groups attend as well.  If you are the facilitator of such a group and wish to attend one of the flights, please send us information about your group, via the Contact Us form at PeaseGreeters.org, so that we may expect your arrival and give you a warm welcome when your group arrives.

Q.  Is this experience family oriented?

A.  Yes, families with children of all ages are welcome to attend.  In fact, this is a wholesome experience for youngsters and the troops really appreciate seeing young people with their homemade signs, smiles and hugs.

Q.  What is the newcomers briefing?

Newcomers are welcome to take a walk-a-bout with Pease Greeters director, Mr.D or his designate, before the flight.  He/she will brief newcomers of the events that are about to unfold.  He/she will also answer questions.  Please try to arrive half hour early if you wish to be a part of the informative briefing.

Q.  I represent a business or corporation, how may I offer my company’s services?

A.  The Pease Greeters have many corporate sponsors.  If you would like to discuss your offer of service please contact us  for instructions on how to make your donation.  Your company could take its place alongside well known companies like Lindt Chocolate, Lonza, Sig Sauer,  Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig Coffee Maker and others.

Q.  How do I get  Greeter Gear ?

A.  Be sure to check out tee-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts for sale.  Show your Greeter pride by wearing Greeter gear.

Q.  What is the knitted hat program and how may I become involved?

A.  We have had such an amazing response to the KNIT HAT program, and we are so proud of all of you for the many, many hours you have put into making the hats.

We have had several Newspaper articles and also and Article in AARP about our knit hat program, and it has been an overwhelming success, and we have received hats from all over the USA.  Thanks to all of you for your knitting and crocheting.

As winter approaches we will be in need of knitted hats. Please go to our web site, peasegreeters.org and scroll down to “summary” and click . Knitted hats info are located on the sheet.

Q.  How may I contact someone in charge, make a suggestion or offer an idea?

A.  If you wish to make a comment, have a suggestion or have an idea feel free to go our contact page and fill out the form.  You may write to the Greeters at: Pease Greeters, PO Box 1644, Portsmouth, NH 03802-1644.  You may call the Pease Greeters at (603) 793-3835.